Play with us!

SO YOU WANNA TOSS A PIECE OF PLASTIC? No pig skin, no stick. Not rubber or wood. Only 175g of that sweet ultra star (NEVER WHAMO) brand Frisbee. Well this is the place for you. Come hone your skills with us as we work to be one of the greatest Ultimate teams in the Ohio valley region. We practice year round, inside and outside, physically and mentally, and anyone can join. You can make field long hucks and your flick pulls can bring Odin to tears? We will love you. You once saw a guy tossing a frisbee at his dog and that is your only experience? We will love you. We’re a really chill group of people looking to have a great time, and we have both A and B teams so joining players can still play plenty whether they are new to the sport or in need of a bit more practice.

We typically practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30pm with scrimmages on Saturdays. During the winter season, we have indoor practices in Williams Fieldhouse and lifts/conditioning in Phillips. Make sure to contact us if you’re interested and check our Facebook page for updates!