Horsecows Announce Team Roster for 2019 Season

Oberlin Men’s Ultimate returns this year with a healthy, low-cal contingent of returners and a steadfast legion of newcomers.

The Horsecows look improve off of last year’s nationals run by filling the void left by grads Toby Harvey and Lucien Fitzpatrick, as well as renowned traitor Talon Johnson, who transferred to Brown and now plays for the less-good Brownian Motion. The roster, led by captains Noam Fisherman, Jacob Arons, and Colin Cahill, has expanded to a robust 22 players, an increase of 5 players over last year.

Name Pronouns Year Club Team, if any
Jacob Arons* he/him/his Sr Flying Salsa
Noam Fisherman* he/him/his Sr Funk
Colin Cahill* he/him/his Jr Chimney
Noah Zobel he/him/his So Happy Valley
Julian Bregstone he/him/his Jr  
Oliver Vickers-Batzdorf he/him/his So  
Matt Skarha he/him/his Sr Triceraflops
Eli Presberg they/them/theirs Jr  
Sebastian Schneider he/him/his Sr  
Samuel Waranch he/him/his Sr  
Batian Pienaar he/him/his Fr  
Jack “Legz” Kenslea he/him/his Jr  
Eric Thompson he/him/his Sr  
Ilan “Tree” Ackelsberg he/him/his Jr  
Joaquin Cardozo he/him/his Jr  
Henry “Hank” Sieber he/him/his Fr  
Jordan Armstrong he/him/his So  
Lex Martin he/him/his Jr  
Alec Perlow he/him/his Jr  
Dante Giramma he/him/his Sr  
Chris Schmucki he/him/his Fr  
Jack “Handz” Povilaitis he/him/his Fr  

*Denotes captain

The seven player senior class provides a bastion of experience, with each player in their fourth year on the team. Seasoned handler Noam Fisherman completed an astonishing 178 out of 188 throws at nationals last year, a 95% completion rate. Additionally, though injured for Sunday of nationals, Jacob “Baron of North Fields” Arons scored goals on nearly 20% of the (mostly defensive) 53 points he played at nationals. Expect to see this duo, as well as others like senior Matt Skarha, make up the backfield for the Horsecows this year.

Jacob Arons at 2018 North College Mixed Regionals

The downfield situation boasts cutters such as defending Ultiworld Noodle of the Year Noah Zobel, All-Region player Julian “Jewels” Bregstone, Colin “McChill” Cahill, oh, and uhhh, this guy:

Yeah, he’s 6’8”.

The Cows also return the trio Eli Presberg, Sebastian Schneider, and Eric “Tiny Rick” Thompson, all of whom did not play last season due to being abroad. Expect them to be a sinister force largely on the defensive side of things, with their quickness, frisbee IQ, and good looks terrorizing the Ohio Valley.

Julian Bregstone lays out for a D against Bryant at Nationals

The PonyCalf class brings two experienced players in Batian Pienaar and Hank Sieber who played high school disc in the Chapel Hill and Boston area circuits, respectively.

The Cows will sport the following jerseys, sponsored by FiveUltimate.